Adam ShoaltsA Glance at the Life of a Modern Day Explorer

Named one of the greatest living explorers and “Canada’s Indiana Jones” by the Toronto Star, Adam Shoalts is a professional adventurer. He is a regular guest on television and radio, and has been featured in media around the world, including the BBC, CNN, CTV, CBC, and The Guardian. In 2016, Shoalts was named a national champion of the Trans-Canada Trail.

His exploring career has included mapping rivers, leading expeditions sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Mountain Equipment Co-op, numerous archaeological digs, photographing elusive and rare wildlife, and completing a nearly 4,000 km solo journey across Canada’s Arctic.

Trained as a cartographer, archaeologist, and historian, and having grown up learning bushcraft in rural Canada, Shoalts has built birchbark canoes and worked as a survival instructor.

He is the author of articles on edible mushrooms, deforestation, and watershed pollution in northern Canada. His writing career began with his “Reflections of a Naturalist” column on local environment issues, which later led to his #1 national best-seller Alone Against the North, the award-winning story of his adventures.  In 2013, Shoalts was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society for “extraordinary contributions to geography,” and had the honour of presenting his expedition flag to Canada’s Governor General.


Shoalts’ wilderness skills are balanced by his academic background. He graduated at the top of his class from Brock University with an Honours B.A, and holds a Master’s degree in history from McMaster University. He has done archaeology in four countries and is currently finishing his Ph.D. at McMaster University, combining his interest in geography, archaeology, anthropology, and history.

Having journeyed through some of the world’s last great wildernesses, Shoalts has a particular concern for preserving wild places. In 2008, he was presented with the Niagara Region’s environmental award for his work on local watersheds. Shoalts is available as a guest speaker and has entertained audiences at venues across Canada.