The Whisper on the Night Wind

The Whisper on the Night Wind

The True History of a Wilderness Legend. Brand new spellbinding adventure! The story of Adam’s expedition deep into the Labrador wild to investigate a spooky old legend and solve a historic mystery about strange tracks in the woods. This is a book for anyone who likes adventure, mystery, wilderness, and the great outdoors.

“The resulting story is a fantastic, fun and chilling tale…” —Canadian Geographic

“Modern-day explorer Adam Shoalts…reminds us that our world is full of mystery, possibility and awe.” —CBC

  • Named “One of the Best Books of the Year” by Indigo
  • CBC Recommended Reads List 2021
  • Globe and Mail “Most Anticipated Books” List
  • National Bestseller, #1 Amazon Bestseller, Globe and Mail Bestseller
  • Voted Indigo’s “Staff Pick of the Month” for November 2021
  • Canadian Living Books List, Mental Floss’s “Recommended Reads” List
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Beyond the Trees

A Journey Alone Across Canada’s Arctic. 

Destined to become an adventure classic, Beyond the Trees is the story of Adam’s harrowing, nearly 4,000 kilometre canoe journey across Canada’s arctic in 2017…alone. A journey spanning nearly 4 months, the book tells the tale of weaving through ice floes, facing down snarling bears and galloping musk-ox, and paddling under the midnight sun in a land as old as time. But also why we urgently need to save vast wild places while it’s still possible.

  • Named “One of the Best Books of the Year” by Indigo
  • Named “One of the Year’s Most Anticipated Books” by CBC
  • National Best-Seller, #1 Bestseller on Amazon, Globe and Mail Bestseller
  • Recommended by CBC Canada Reads 2021 and BuzzFeed Summer Reads

Beyond the Trees is a remarkable tale—and a staggering feat… It’s mesmerizing to be guided through Canada’s wilderness through Shoalts’ eyes…Shoalts also wields a wicked wit…” —Atlantic Books 

“Explorer Adam Shoalts’s remarkable solo foray…is the kind of incredible effort that fosters legends.” ——The Winnipeg Free Press

“Explorer Adam Shoalts’s monumental 4,000-kilometre journey . . .
calls to mind the likes of Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Joseph Tyrrell.”-—Canadian Geographic


“Adam Shoalts . . . [has] finished an incredible journey through Canada’s Arctic.”–Global News

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A History of Canada in 10 Maps

The Epic, Untold Story of Canada’s Maps. 10 Maps is not your grade school history; this is the violent, sweeping, spectacular history of Canada as told through 10 historic maps. From the Vikings to the battlefields of 1812, the explorers and First Nations, Shoalts’ book is Game of Thrones meets Canadian history all rolled into one epic saga. The book is a must-read for anyone who thinks Canadian history is dull!

  • Winner of the Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Award for northern literature.
  • Short-listed for the Edna Staebler Award
  • Long-listed for the RBC Taylor Prize
  • CBC “Must-Read” Books of the Year List
  • Named to The Hill Times’ Top Book of the Year List
  • 10 Consecutive weeks on the National Bestseller List
  • #1 bestseller on Amazon, Globe and Mail bestseller


“It’s an epic journey and Shoalts relishes the brutal struggles for dominance, the restless swagger of men such as Peter Pond, the tales of mammoths and wendigos carefully noted by David Thompson, the ghastly cannibalism that occurred on Captain John Franklin’s expedition to the Coppermine River…Shoalts has done an elegant job of…reminding us of the vast and brooding influence of geography on our history.” —Globe and Mail                      

“Shoalts analyzes early maps in order to paint a picture of the land that would become a nation, bringing its earliest stories, voices, and battles to life. Combining geography, cartography, history and anthropology, Shoalts leaves no stone unturned.” -–CBC                

“If you like maps, you’ll like this book; if you like both maps and crisply recounted Canadian history, you’ll love it. Shoalts…takes you inside their heads as they face fear, doubt and despair in tandem with cold, starvation and rebellious wanting-to-turn-back companions ….Canadian history writ well.” Winnipeg Free Press

“One fine book perfectly written for the armchair adventurer.” —Postmedia

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Alone Against the North

An Expedition into the Unknown. The story of Adam’s incredible adventures alone to some of the world’s last unexplored places. Alone Against the North was a #1 national best-seller in Canada for non-fiction.

  • Winner of the Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Award for northern literature.
  • Winner of the Speaker’s Book Award, for best book by an author under 30.
  • #1 Bestseller on Amazon, #1 Globe and Mail Bestseller

“Adam Shoalts, 21st century explorer, calmly describes the things he has endured that would drive most people to despair, or even madness…Rare insight into the heart and mind of an explorer, and the insatiable hunger for the unknown that both inspires and drives one to the edge…A 1st-hand look into the heart of a truly brave man.” —-Col. Chris Hadfield, astronaut, International Space Station commander

“Doing things the easy way has never been my style. There is no adventure in that! In Alone Against the North, Adam Shoalts does nothing the easy way. He travels to places no one has ever seen before and as a result comes back with an amazing story. As gripping to read as it must’ve been exciting to live!” —-Les Stroud, Survivorman

“Adam Shoalts is Canada’s Indiana Jones—portaging in the north, dodging scary rapids, plunging into darkness, and surviving to tell the tale.” —–The Toronto Star

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