How it began….

This expedition started with an attempt to locate the ruins of an old fur trade post, and to solve a strange mystery connected with it. A century ago, multiple eye-witnesses described unusual encounters with large, unknown creatures at this isolated place…picking up the trail using clues left in old diaries and letters, Shoalts embarked deep into the wilderness to unravel this mystery. With a mixed martial arts fighter as an expedition partner, the two ended up far off the beaten track, bushwhacking through pathless woods, across dreary swamps, paddling big waves off the Labrador coast, and trekking deep into isolated mountain caves on a journey that pushed them to their limit. The full story of Adam’s journey into Labrador’s remote Mealy Mountains is told in his new bestselling book, The Whisper on the Night Wind. It’s a book that weaves together science, folklore, history and exploration into a fascinating saga.

“The resulting story is a fantastic, fun and chilling tale…” —Canadian Geographic

“Modern-day explorer Adam Shoalts…reminds us that our world is full of mystery, possibility and awe.” —CBC

“It is a spooky read, and after finishing it you might want to take a few days off before heading back into the wilderness.…a page turner for sure.” —Explore Magazine

Historic map of the area.






“It was an adventure unlike anything I’ve encountered before, and it’s a story that will keep you guessing until the end.”—Adam Shoalts

The book was named “one of the best of the year,” by Chapters/Indigo and voted their Staff Pick of the Month Canada-wide for November 2021. Mental Floss named it #4 on their Holiday Gift list for books, and CBC declared it “one of the most anticipated books of the year.” It became a #1 bestseller on Amazon and a Globe and Mail National Bestseller. The book is available in all formats anywhere books are sold.

Expedition Route Map.

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The Whisper on the Night Wind.



Expedition Footage and Book Trailer