Alone Against the North

An Expedition into the Unknown.

The story of Adam’s incredible adventures alone to some of the world’s last unexplored places.

“Adam Shoalts, 21st century explorer, calmly describes the things he has endured that would drive most people to despair, or even madness…Rare insight into the heart and mind of an explorer, and the insatiable hunger for the unknown that both inspires and drives one to the edge…A 1st-hand look into the heart of a truly brave man.”
—-Col. Chris Hadfield, astronaut, International Space Station commander

“Doing things the easy way has never been my style. There is no adventure in that! In Alone Against the North, Adam Shoalts does nothing the easy way. He travels to places no one has ever seen before and as a result comes back with an amazing story. As gripping to read as it must’ve been exciting to live!”
—-Les Stroud, Survivorman

“Adam Shoalts is Canada’s Indiana Jones—portaging in the north, dodging scary rapids, plunging into darkness, and surviving to tell the tale.”
—–The Toronto Star

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Sense of Adventure

Sense of Adventure

An Account of a Journey in the Canadian Wilderness.

This fast-paced, action-packed book reads more like an adventure novel than a simple day-by-day account of Shoalts’ first major expedition, undertaken when he was just 18 and fresh out of high school.

It details with humour, wit, and plenty of self-deprecation his journey deep into the heart of the vast Canadian wilderness with his best friend Wes Crowe. A true coming-of-age tale of adventure that nearly spelled the end of Adam and Wes…

Young and relatively inexperienced, with limited food and old equipment, outdated maps and no GPS, they struggled over hundreds of kilometres of dense boreal forest, canoeing and hiking, in a bid to explore one of the remotest and most beautiful areas of the globe.

The book is a must-read for all canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor enthusiasts.